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Waiheke Island Sound & Lighting Hire

With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, we know how to make your event sound and look exquisite.

Offering bespoke installations for small to large scale events, and with extensive knowledge of Waiheke Island locations, we offer a free consultation service that can tailor a package that caters for all of your requirements, and work with all local providers to provide those final touches that tie everything together with a finessed polish that takes your event to the next level


Bring Your Waiheke Event to Life!

With a focus on sound and lighting hire for events on Waiheke Island, we offer bespoke installations and expert consultation to bring your celebration to life.

Our extensive knowledge of the island and close collaboration with local providers ensure a seamless and polished experience for you and your guests. Let us help you elevate your event to new heights with the perfect sound and lighting solutions.


With extensive experience in the Audio Industry, we know sound. We offer a wide range of speaker packages, and can provide most of these with wireless microphone and/or bluetooth connectivity so you can have speeches, a playlist, and then move to an acoustic act or a DJ with no fuss, and crystal clear audio. We can operate sound for small bands, and have solutions for any audio needs.


Lighting is what makes the difference. When the sun goes down and the lights come on, good lighting is what leaves lasting memories, and is what signals that shift in time and space that lifts the energy among your guests.

We offer a full lighting consultation service, that explores the spaces you are utilising, the surrounds, what fills your participants visual frame, and provides you options that not only make use of the venue’s attributes, but also aesthetic installations the weave lighting with art, sculpture and design in innovative ways that set your event apart from the rest. Give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation!


We have a nationwide network of entertainers to suit any occasion. From small acoustic acts & DJ’s, to full bands and theatrical performers, we can find you the performance to make your event special. If you are looking for some Waiheke Island flavours, we can find a local performer to pair audio with your taste perfectly. Get in touch to discuss your needs!


Looking for some multimedia installations? We can provide projectors, screens, LED displays and provide a full projection mapping service to project onto surfaces within or around your venue.

We can also weave live visuals from your event with video or photo material supplied.
In addition to data projection, we have a number of projector effect lights that can give the room ambience.


We offer full videography services including aerial photography, and on-site live mixing and editing, allowing not only the best moments to be displayed at the event if required, but also that perfect post for your social media to be available at the conclusion of the event, and a full aftermovie edit provided within 7 days.

We carefully position video and audio recording equipment to be unobtrusive, often completely hidden so that the service does not distract from the real focus of your event.


Operations require energy. We know this, and can provide electricity to anything you need. We have a range of generators, both petrol and battery powered for where electricity is not available, and also can distribute power from any points to anywhere you need it. 

Combining this with an understanding of the local venues, what power is available, what power is drawn from our equipment, as well as many local suppliers, and a big range of portable battery powered speakers and lights, and we can make sure that everything runs smoothly for the full duration of your event.